I do not understand the idea that globalism is a good thing. Maybe this is an understanding that I have developed as I have matured, and seen the value in preserving our own unique culture and identity. When I was younger, I will admit that I did wonder why we couldn't have a global community. I even began writing a story about how the United States began forcefully taking over every country in the world, in order to unite the world as one nation. The more I thought about it however, the more it seemed to be a terrible idea.

Cognitive Dissonance: Human Race and Sexuality

Listening to coverage of the latest news events, I must wonder to myself about the future of our race as human beings. The issue begins when simple gestures, of a suggestive nature, start to be seen as evil deeds. We are all animals when it comes down to it. We have primal urges to seek out mates, and procreate and continue the survival of our species. As a human being, the meaning of our life is to really survive and prosper and procreate. Like any other animal, survival and evolution is the ultimate end game.

Internet is a Drug

The more I think about it, the more apparent this is to me. The Internet is a Drug. Obviously not a drug in the sense of something that can be swallowed, but it is a drug in many other ways.


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